Animal Communication - By Phone Or In Person


Have you ever been in the middle of doing something, be it a chore, or reading a book and found yourself looking up and seeing your animal friend staring at you, "through" you or behind you? Have you ever seen your animal companion staring at a wall or following ("tracking") something that you cannot see? Have you ever wondered what your animal friend was thinking, feeling, or trying to say?




Would you like to deepen your relationship with your animal friend and increase your awareness and understanding by having them "talk" to you?

I have been gifted with the ability to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually tap into the energy field that lies within and surrounds who and what your animal companion is using natural abilities I have felt since childhood. This gift also allows me to communicate with any animal friend that has crossed over.





When I communicate with your animal companion either here or having crossed over, they may be very talkative and verbalize their thoughts quite distinctly or may communicate through other telepathic thought forms using pictures, emotions, visions, colors, smells and/or physical sensations that flow to me and through me. I have the ability to find the words to put these patterns and emotions into expressions and translate them for you.




My studies with Native American Medicine Men and Women has allowed me to tap into the Earth Energy. Our animal companions are born and live with this Earth Energy. Consider a flock of birds and observe them all turning at the same time. It is a beautiful choreographed dance.

Since your animal friends communicate with me telepathically, it is not necessary for me to be with them in person. I communicate with animal companions from all over the country. I also can speak with your animal friends in person as well




No animal friend is too great or too small for me to communicate with. I work with dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish and exotics including African tortoises. I also work with animal shelters, organizations and wildlife rescue. I have communicated with raccoons, opossums, snakes, alligators, big cats and other "wildlife" as well.

My work encompasses a variety of issues some serious and some simple.

One dog owner called me because her male Yorkshire Terrier companion would run and hide whenever visitors came to her home. The Yorkie "told" me that he was wearing a pink collar that embarrassed him and wanted a brown or blue collar. As soon as his human companion made the change he was more than happy to greet visitors at the door.

A more serious case involved a young rescue dog that was depressed, lethargic, not eating and showed no interest in her surroundings. She had been badly abused. Her new human family was very concerned. They loved her very much and had tried everything they could to help her. As our communication deepened she "spoke" of her pain, both physical and emotional and of her fear to trust and love. After three sessions she "opened up" was happy, running, eating, trusting, loving and enjoying her new life with her human family.


Another instance involved a call from a woman whose cat companion had developed bald spots for no apparent reason.

The cat "told" me he was stressed because his owner has become involved in an abusive personal relationship. When his human companion ended the relationship, the cat's bald spots cleared up.
















 "To the world you might be one person but to one animal companion you might be the world!"