May you be filled with loving kindness!
May you be safe from inner and outer harm!
May you be well!
May you be peaceful and at ease!
May you be happy!


Spirit speaks to me and through me. Let me help you to hear in your heart the voice and song of the universe ~ Gently guide you to find the answers you seek and assist you with your life's journey.


I am Clairvoyant
(The psychic ability to see things)


I am Clairaudient
(The psychic ability to hear things)

I am Clairsentient
(The psychic ability to feel things)



My Psychic~ Medium~Spiritual Gifts come from a "God Given Ancient Knowing" gifted to me since childhood.

This "Ancient Knowing" allows the lifting of the veil between the physical and the spiritual. Through me, loved ones who have crossed over can come through to visit, give you a message or answer any questions you may have.





 The Tarot Cards "Speak" to me and through me.

As a Sensitive and Empath I am here to help you. That is my mission/calling. Your answers will come not only through my Psychic~Medium~Spiritual Gifts and the Tarot, but through my other gifts which include Dream Interpretation.

Dreams are never lost. Just forgotten. Let me help you to find yours.