Past Life Regression

Have you ever felt...
a strong interest and/or connection to a particular culture or period of time in history?

Have you ever looked at a picture of a time, place and/or person you’ve never seen before or visited a place and felt that you’ve seen it and/or been there before?


Have you ever visited a place and while there know before turning a corner, for example, what you were going to see in the form of buildings, scenery, etc.?

Have you ever had any emotional responses to any of the above - i.e. - happiness, fear, an unexplained yearning, or felt like you were part of a missing puzzle?

What you were most likely feeling is a connection to a past life.


Many of those past lives are stored in our bodies genetically on a deep cellular level and carried with us generation after generation.

I can take you on a journey through time and space to those remembrances. Through this process one can remember and release those long dormant memories. The knowledge of who you once were can help you towards a better understanding of who you are in the here and now.

This awareness can open doors to unlimited possibilities towards personal growth and transformation in all areas of your life.




Open to the possibilities!


"I wanted to thank you for working with Othello and us. The visit not only gave us the knowledge we needed to better understand him, but also has helped Othello. He is more relaxed and calmer. He has not displayed the anxiety he previously did, has stopped biting and hissing and has been more affection with Debbie. Debbie initiated a play session the next day with an interactive toy and Othello started to play!! You were right - he did end up eating the medication in the sliced chicken with gravy cat food and then played with both Debbie and me. It was very touching and it seemed to be an outlet for him too. Thanks again for the insights and healing energy"

        - Virginia, Debbie and Othello

"Thanks so much for the session with Cheyenne. I am never quite myself if something is wrong with Cheyenne. She is quite the little madam now, walking around without a care in the world, no sign of a limp, even after she has been sitting for a while. I noticed a big change in her after your last session, so she is really on her way. You always work so well with her."

        - Lisa and Cheyenne

"I wanted to thank you for being a special part of Bert's life and ours as well. We all consider you very special, caring and devoted. Words can't express how we feel. I feel so much better having been able to communicate with Bert through you both while he was in the here and now and also after his passing. I consider this a gift in itself. You helped me to make his life better while he was here and convey the love and concern I had and still have for him after his passing. You should feel great about the work that you do because you allow others on the receiving end to feel good as well."

        - Peggy, Floyd, Andrew and now in spirit Bert

Energy Healing

"Thanks for a wonderful healing! I feel more "joyous" for sure."

        - Lauren

"Thank you so much for helping me. It is so wonderful for me to have my life back."

        - Carola

"Thank you for being there when I needed you."

        - Kelly

"First, bless you… you must have been exhausted after communicating with so many dogs with such bad pasts… or perhaps their bright futures made up for it…anyway, there wasn't a dry eye in the place. You were more than generous with your time and energy."

        - Beth and the Cairn Terriers from Cairn Rescue

"I want to thank you for what you did. You really gave us quite a gift contacting my brother who had passed on by knowing his name, all about who he was as a person in this life, the details of his passing which had been of concern to us and most importantly the messages he had for all of the members of my family who are in the here and now, knowing their names and who they are as well." 

        - Andrea

"Thank you for giving me a wonderful gift of healing."

        - Jasmina

Past Life Regression

"Thank you for helping me to "find myself". It was a powerful and enlightening experience." 

        - Annette

"Thank you for the reading and the time you gave. All of the information was greatly appreciated. Only time will tell what I am to become. The one thing that will remain constant will be my appreciation for all those who have supported me on this adventure we call life. You, Patricia, are one of those people and it is with anticipation that I await the day to give back in a way to you that will give comfort to you in a way most high on your journey."

        - David

"Thank you for your part in helping us find our 18 year old cat, Rothko who is declawed and has not been outside in 17 ¾ years. As Rothko told you when you communicated with her, she was found in a neighboring housing development near a gravel driveway (only 5 homes out of 200 have gravel driveways) and was taking shelter nesting under something green…in pine needles as you said. Having her back is truly a blessing; she has recuperated beautifully and is back to her spunky old self… despite her advanced age. Thank you for your help in finding our beloved cat. God has given you a special gift and I am so happy that your gift helped us."

        - Carol and Rothko

"Trapper does not pull on the leash anymore while out for a walk. Thank you for your help."

        - Dawn and Trapper

Tarot, Psychic, Medium
"During my reading, you mentioned that I was very spiritual, had my priorities in order and several times you brought up my work. You said I was extremely good at what I do and kept asking me if I was going to get a raise, promotion or bonus. I kept saying "no" because the type of work I do does not merit raises or bonuses on merit and I am pretty high up on the ladder.
BUT… the next day I received a message that my administrator wanted to meet with me… and today I received a generous bonus. So very not heard of in this profession. I just wanted to let you know that you were right. I could see in your face that you really believed this to have already happened or that it would happen… and it did."

        - AnnMarie

"I wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me. I enjoyed meeting you and feel blessed by the experience. I think my tears may have been an emotional release…I found your words encouraging and comforting. I thank you and I wish you love, light and happiness."

        - Veronica

"Finding out who I was then has been able to help me see the possibilities of who I can become in this present time and what the blockages were. Thank you."

        - Kimberly

"I wanted to let you know you were right about my exam, I got an 87 and I was really happy about it. It was a really hard test. Thanks for your support. You are a very good reader"  

        - Christina

Animal Communicator

"Patricia, You made me: Cry, Laugh, Think, Heal Myself…Thank you"

        - Rick and Grand

"It meant a lot being able to count on you. Thank you for being there at such a serious time. With heartfelt gratitude." 

        - Ilene

"It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I have certainly felt calmer and more comforted."

        - Ginette

"Thank you so much for such spiritual healing."

        - Anne

"There are no words to convey my gratitude and thanks for helping Windy aka Ghost Dancer over these difficult years and Ghost Dancer, I know has spoken to you for himself. Thank you again for being there and taking care of Ghost Dancer at the end of his physical career… in this life…and for being our friend."

        - Alicia and Windy aka Ghost Dancer

"Now I know why I feel such a strong desire to go to Ireland."
        - Stacey

"I want to thank you for our reading. You gave us a lot of background information on our cat, Shane and spoke with our cockatiel, Maizee as well as my dog that has passed on, Schnapps. The main reason I wanted to contact you is that you had spoken of a strong, female child warrior spirit that was around us. Obviously, you knew we were already pregnant, but we didn't know at the time. We found out a couple of weeks later. Today, we just had our 20-week sonogram and they confirmed your prediction of a girl. We're so excited! It seems like you were right about the warrior too, because she is very active in the womb and was moving around during the entire sonogram. Shane, our cat who communicated to you that he was "thrown out" when a former family had a child, acted a bit aloof and moody for a few days after your reading. We figured out later that you must have told him the baby was coming soon and he needed some time to get used to that idea. He's fine now and seems more confident and comfortable than ever. Your reading was my birthday present and I have to say it was THE BEST birthday present since the one that brought my husband and me together. Thank you, thank you!"

        - Michelle, Shane, Maizee and Schnapps

"Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet you and for you to meet Shot, my horse. I wanted to thank you for your time and energy. It was quite an insightful and mind easing afternoon."

        - Dina and Shot

"Thanks so much for Dinah's session. She and I appreciated it very much. Please use her picture during your "Animal Communication" workshop. She has something to tell you. Since I cannot be there, I know I can count on you to help Dinah communicate her message. We loved her while she was in the here and now and continue to love her in her life in the spirit world."

        - Roberta and Dinah

"Thank you for the comfort and help you offer. God Bless."

        - Gail

"I found a piece of my soul that was missing. Thank you for helping me find the missing piece of the puzzle."
         - Andrew

"I wanted to thank you for the powerful and beneficial healing. For so long I've felt that I've been spinning out of control and it is great to feel grounded and stable again. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it."

        - Tina

"Once again I feel God gave me a gift in you. Your kindness and generosity of spirit is so abundant."

        - Gail

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