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I have tried to keep the subject matter of my Testimonials by Category. However you will see a few "crossovers" as there are times I do Tarot, Psychic, Medium readings, Animal Communication and Energy Healing with both people and animals at the same time.





"I found a piece of my soul that was missing. Thank you for helping me find the missing piece of the puzzle."
         - Andrew


"Finding out who I was then has been able to help me see the possibilities of who I can become in this present time and what the blockages were. Thank you."

        - Kimberly


"Now I know why I feel such a strong desire to go to Ireland."
        - Stacey


Past Life Regression

"Thank you for helping me to "find myself". It was a powerful and enlightening experience." 

        - Annette


"It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I have certainly felt calmer and more comforted."

        - Ginette


"It meant a lot being able to count on you. Thank you for being there at such a serious time. With heartfelt gratitude." 

        - Ilene


"Thank you for the comfort and help you offer. God Bless."

        - Gail


"Thank you so much for such spiritual healing."

        - Anne


"Thank you for being there when I needed you."

        - Kelly


"Once again I feel God gave me a gift in you. Your kindness and generosity of spirit is so abundant."

        - Gail

Alicia and Windy aka Ghost Dancer

"There are no words to convey my gratitude and thanks for helping Windy aka Ghost Dancer over these difficult years and Ghost Dancer, I know has spoken to you for himself. Thank you again for being there and taking care of Ghost Dancer at the end of his physical career… in this life…and for being our friend."

        - Alicia and Windy aka Ghost Dancer

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