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I have tried to keep the subject matter of my Testimonials by Category. However you will see a few "crossovers" as there are times I do Tarot, Psychic, Medium readings, Animal Communication and Energy Healing with both people and animals at the same time.




Dina and Shot

"Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet you and for you to meet Shot, my horse. I wanted to thank you for your time and energy. It was quite an insightful and mind easing afternoon."

        - Dina and Shot

Dawn and Trapper

"Trapper does not pull on the leash anymore while out for a walk. Thank you for your help."

        - Dawn and Trapper

Rick and Grand

Animal Communicator

"Patricia, You made me: Cry, Laugh, Think, Heal Myself…Thank you"

        - Rick and Grand


"I want to thank you for what you did. You really gave us quite a gift contacting my brother who had passed on by knowing his name, all about who he was as a person in this life, the details of his passing which had been of concern to us and most importantly the messages he had for all of the members of my family who are in the here and now, knowing their names and who they are as well." 

        - Andrea


"Thank you for the reading and the time you gave. All of the information was greatly appreciated. Only time will tell what I am to become. The one thing that will remain constant will be my appreciation for all those who have supported me on this adventure we call life. You, Patricia, are one of those people and it is with anticipation that I await the day to give back in a way to you that will give comfort to you in a way most high on your journey."

        - David


"I wanted to let you know you were right about my exam, I got an 87 and I was really happy about it. It was a really hard test. Thanks for your support. You are a very good reader"  

        - Christina


Tarot, Psychic, Medium
"During my reading, you mentioned that I was very spiritual, had my priorities in order and several times you brought up my work. You said I was extremely good at what I do and kept asking me if I was going to get a raise, promotion or bonus. I kept saying "no" because the type of work I do does not merit raises or bonuses on merit and I am pretty high up on the ladder.
BUT… the next day I received a message that my administrator wanted to meet with me… and today I received a generous bonus. So very not heard of in this profession. I just wanted to let you know that you were right. I could see in your face that you really believed this to have already happened or that it would happen… and it did."

        - AnnMarie


"I wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me. I enjoyed meeting you and feel blessed by the experience. I think my tears may have been an emotional release…I found your words encouraging and comforting. I thank you and I wish you love, light and happiness."

        - Veronica

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